Astrology Lessons -2
About Planets


The Sun is known as the king in the planetary system or Parliament or Body. It is the source of light to the universe. It is also the source of life and in vedic astrology it is identified as father, which is the source for bringing into existence and supporting a new-born in life. That is why the Sun signifies father and vitality. If the Sun is strong in a horoscope, the father and vitality will help a native to grow in a healthy way. 

The Sun also signifies kings, male relations (like-male progeny, and husband), status in life, heart, stomach, bones, brain, right eye (male) and left eye in the case of females. His nature is bilious and has large bones. It is hot, dry, constructive and in case it is weak and afflicted in a nativity, it gives weak eyesight and diseases of headache, inconsistent circulation of blood, bone fractures, fevers, heart trouble, high blood pressure, baldness, bone cancer and low resistance power. Its nature is benevolent and cruel. Its complexion is blood red. The Sun gives a square body, majestic appearance, powerful speech, scanty hair, honey colored eyes and makes a person courageous and bestows administrative capabilities.

As it also rules digestive system, which provides nourishment to the whole body, it is also known as signification for vitality. It also represents soul and it is well understood that the soul of person can only be elevated if he keeps perfect health.

The Sun is known as king and doctor and astrologer too, and when strong denotes high administrative positions in govt. including political, doctors in medicine, etc. but strong sun destroys domestic harmony or married life. Ruby is the Gem which is related to this planet.


The Moon is the soul and heart of the planetary cabinet and signifies mother, mind, result of education & wife. Next to the Sun, the role of the Moon is very important as it signifies mother, heart and desires. The mother brings up the child and is the first preceptor, hence the Moon signifies mind also. When Moon is strong in a horoscope of a person then, the mother always be having sufficient resources and brings up the child and develop mental faculties in a peaceful manner. It gives a native capability of looking after i.e. including the fields of training, public relations, and administration. Depending upon the lunar fortnight, a weak Moon gives a slim body whereas a full Moon may give a corpulent body, if it is connected with the Ascendant or its lord in a powerful way, in isolation. It is cold, moist, mild and is phenomenal in nature. It governs fluids in body, good quality of blood, breast, stomach, lymphatic system, lungs and chest. Weak and afflicted Moon, in addition to psychic problems, causes diseases of the uterus, lungs and menstrual disorders. 


The planet Mars, signifies courage both mental and physical. It signifies brothers, which add to the strength of the native and becomes a source of strength and courage. The weakness of Mars makes a man lacking in courage and not enjoying the help and comforts from the younger brothers. It is a dry and moving planet and gives a person changing nature. It governs marrow, blood, forehead, neck, muscular system and external generative organs. When afflicted it causes inflammations, wounds, burns, accidents, fractures, piles, fevers, epilepsy, tumors, aberration and cancer in muscular parts of the body when closely conjunct with Rahu, etc.

Mars personifies commander-in-chief, denotes position in army, police etc. vocations employing fire and metals, engineering, chemicals, surgeons, dentists and executive posts. The nature of Mars is cruel, unrelenting, active and generous.


The most surprising planet is Mercury and it really makes miracle when it is good. Basically it rules analytical faculties, speech, sharp intellect, power of discrimination and confidence in a person. It is known as a prince, thinker and knowledgeable in the field of mathematics, denotes advisory roles, business, accountancy, engineering and related fields. The nature is friendly.

Mercury rules humors, sensational, bile and wind. It also rules skin, mind, nervous system, lungs, tongue, hands, arms and mouth. When it is weak or afflicted it causes psychic diseases, nervous breakdown, impotence, vertigo, deafness, asthma and diseases of respiratory canal and intestines, insomnia, etc. Its complexion is grass green.


A real planet which is knows as teacher and shields earth from thousands attacks of cosmos. It is known as a minister, preceptor, judge and linked with treasury. It signifies the fields of top political and administrative positions, teaching, law, financial institutions and advisory roles if it is found strong in a nativity. The nature of Jupiter is generous and also prayed as teacher. It signifies elder brother, husband for female native, male progeny, wealth, morals, sincerity, friends, divine grace, father and in fact all good things in life.

It is mild, temperate, warm and moving in nature. It rules liver, arterial system, hearing power, absorptive power, lips, fats and blood. When it is weak or afflicted, it causes jaundice, diabetes and other diseases of liver, anemia, pancreas, glands, gall bladder, flatulence, etc.

Jupiter gives golden complexion, impressive and magnificent disposition, thin brown hair, large body when found strong in a nativity and rules the ascendant or influences the Ascendant lord. It bestows intelligence and knowledge of auspicious and religious books in its periods.


Venus signifies material comforts, wife, worldly knowledge and pursuits, creativity, art and rich tastes when strong. It is recognized as personified as a minister, teacher of demons, lover, knowledge of life saving drugs and arts and signifies vocations in the fields of financial administration, cinema, theatres, paintings, music, advertising, business connected with its signification's, legal, teaching, hotels, medicines, fashion and luxurious items. The nature of Venus is generous and benevolent and it is the planet, which can give worldwide fame to any one. It is warm and moist. It is sensuous, windy in nature. It governs private parts, kidneys, semen, outlook charm, neck, throat, chin, venous system, etc. When it is weak it causes venereal diseases, diabetes, stones in bladder, kidney, cataract, weakness of sexual organs and paralysis.

Venus gives a charming appearance, sharp and beautiful facial cuts, slim body, beautiful and large and glittering eyes, dark bright and slightly thick curly hair. It rules variegated colors. Diamond is known as the gem of this planet.


The most powerful planet, which can develop a saint as a saint is this planet. Saturn is ranked or known as a statesman and leader of low castes, signifies jobs requiring hard work with less remuneration, leadership of workers, trying to acquire positions in Govt. dealing with labor etc. and labor oriented industry. The nature of Saturn is selfish and indolent but in 9th or in 10th house (in 10th if in own house) house it makes a person very much like a saint or pure soul.

If it is weak then only struggle is there in a persons life but when it favors it has the capability to make a person rich but never allows to spend money with open hand. 

It has an emaciated body, long stature, brown and sunken eyes, windy, protruding teeth, dark complexion, prominent veins, wrinkles, long hands and face, lazy and melancholic nature, coarse and excessive hair.


Rahu is also known as a diplomat and being a shadowy planet and a legendary deceptive planet, when disposed beneficially indicates diplomatic jobs, jobs requiring manipulations with facts, deals in poisons and drugs. It signifies cheats, pleasure seekers, insincere and immoral acts, etc.

It is very much moving phlegmatic in nature and gives malignant growth. When afflicting, it causes bitter growth, disease of phlegm, intestines, boils, skin, ulcers, spleen, worms, high blood pressure and accidents. etc. 


It is dry and moving in nature. Its affliction causes wounds, inflammations, fevers, intestinal disorders, aberration, low blood pressure, deafness, defective speech and gives emaciated body with prominent veins. It is personified as a saint and inclines a person towards mystic-sciences and spiritual pursuits more.


The Sun, the Moon and Jupiter are of saint nature while Venus and Mercury have King nature. Mars, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu are of Satanic nature.

The Sun and Moon when get associated with Mars, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu and Mercury becomes malefic while Jupiter, Venus, well associated Mercury and the rising Moon are natural benefic.

The Sun, Mars and Jupiter are male while the Moon, Venus and Rahu are female. Mercury, Saturn and Ketu are eunuchs.


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